About the Den

Mercer is so much more than an institution of higher learning.

It’s where our Bears come to learn, to work, to live, to play and to flourish. It’s where they connect with brilliant minds that will expand their horizons and make memories that will remain long after graduation. It’s where they discover their place in the world and learn how they can leave a positive mark on it. It’s where our Bears bleed orange and black and roar together through it all.

The Den is a celebration of all things Mercer and what makes our University and students like you so unique and important. Our one-stop resource center is filled with news, information and advice that you need for your day and your life. Here, you’ll see “how-to” tips, details on events and happenings, important announcements, and the latest and greatest things coming out of our University. We hope that you’ll check us out and come back often … and maybe find a little inspiration, motivation and reassurance while you’re here.