Have a craving for the thrills and chills that can only be experienced on a live stage? The 2022-23 Mercer Theatre season will satisfy a flair for the dramatic, whether one dreams of being the star of the stage...
A reader asks: With school about to start, my anxiety is through the roof. What might help me over this hurdle?
In 1999, Macon music icon Brax Bragg’s life was tragically cut short. To honor his legacy, friends organized a jam session to bring Macon musicians together. Local artists played for hours and created such great memories that they decided...
Surrounded by volcanos with a wind that locals say carries away sin and the pristine blue water of a lake that famed naturalist Alexander von Humboldt called "the most beautiful in the world," Mercer students were immersed in the highlands of Guatemala during Spring Break 2022.
A reader asks: Is it possible to still be successful in my classes while also going on the vacation of a lifetime?
Downtown Macon is constantly growing with new restaurants, storefronts, offices and people. If you venture just two miles off Mercer University’s campus, you will run into our beautiful downtown, where there is no shortage of entertainment.
The new Macon-Mercer Symphony Orchestra is a nimble 21st century orchestra, responding to Macon’s needs and providing invaluable experience for Mercer students.
The Office of Diversity and Inclusion's mission is to cultivate a holistic learning environment dedicated to diversity and inclusion in an ever-evolving global society.
A reader asks: What would be your best advice for someone who wants to be successful but has been out of school for quite some time and worries that they might not be able to do this?
Johnny’s mom tucked him into bed, kissed his cheek, turned out the lights and closed the door, hoping that Johnny would soon fall asleep. But, for Johnny, like many 6-year-olds, a dark room with a closed door is not a...