We know well the African proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child,” which highlights the importance of a community in shaping and protecting the lives of its children, often the most vulnerable members of any community. I am...
Dear Kelly, I’m currently in an online math class and feel like I am completely in over my head. I thought about dropping the course, but I know that would negatively affect my GPA. Can you give me any advice?...
“If we as a nation want to understand how to relate to the rest of the globe, then we need to have a richer and deeper understanding of different cultures — including various religions.”— Mark Chancey Religious diversity brings awareness...
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Downtown Macon is constantly growing with new restaurants, storefronts, offices and people. If you venture just two miles off Mercer University’s campus, you will run into our beautiful downtown, where there is no shortage of entertainment.
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