Graduate Spotlight: Nadia Pressley

A woman wearing a white dress and a graduation cap looks over her shoulder and smiles
Nadia Pressley

Nadia Pressley, a 2021 graduate of Mercer University‘s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, earned a Bachelor of Arts in journalism and global development studies.

What are your plans after graduation?

I will be moving to New York City to start a full-time position as digital media coordinator for R3.

Who was your favorite professor and why? 

Many of my professors have left a lasting impact on me. My favorites were Dr. Lisa Vu, Debbie Blankenship and Dr. David Gushee because they are all very passionate about their profession, and it really shows through their teaching.

What was your favorite class and why?

I really enjoyed Journalism Insight in the Community because I got to really learn about Macon and its history. The class made me appreciate this city more.

How do you plan on changing the world?

By being kind, doing what I can to take care of the planet, and by being a mentor whenever I can.

What advice do you have for incoming students?

Enjoy these four years! They will go by so, so fast. Don’t be too hard on yourself; your plans will change. You’ll grow so much here, so don’t let your expectations get in the way of that.

How did Mercer prepare you for your future?

I gained a lot of confidence in myself here; I think confidence is really important to have when taking on the complexities of real life.

What makes Mercer special to you?

The people, 100%.

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