New Faculty and Staff



Sarah Koontz, enrollment associate, Admissions, School of Business and Economics

Yiming Li, systems manager, Math, Science, Informatics, Penfield College

Andrea Pendleton, director of development, University Advancement

Douglas County

Annierra Matthews, library assistant II, Center Library Services


Michael Adams, assistant football coach, Athletics

Stephanie Beavers, assistant professor, Internal Medicine, School of Medicine

Brandon Bowker, data network analyst, IT Infrastructure Services,

Aaron Collins, Shorelight liaison, Professor Emeritus, School of Engineering

Kaley Gore, stagehand, Grand Opera House

Jeremy Hawkins, assistant football coach, Athletics

Shaneka Jackson, certified medical assistant, Mercer Medicine

William Legg II, assistant football coach, Athletics

Nicola Leigh, student loans specialist, Student Loans

Ericka Li Fuentes, assistant professor, Internal Medicine, School of Medicine

Jennifer Miracle, director of purchasing, Accounting

Casey O’Brien, football equipment manager, Athletics

Rafael Ponce Terashima, assistant professor, Internal Medicine, School of Medicine

Kevin Reid, stagehand, Grand Opera House

Yasmin Rivera, academic success counselor, Academic Affairs, School of Medicine

Sandra Rubanow, accounts payable assistant, Accounting

Muriel Warren, director of accreditation, Academic Affairs, School of Medicine


Dion Arkwright, library assistant, Medical Library, School of Medicine

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