New Master’s Degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences to Accept Students for Fall 2021


ATLANTA–Mercer University College of Pharmacy is launching a new master of science degree in pharmaceutical sciences that will accept students for Fall 2021.

The Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences is a 30 credit, two-year, laboratory-based degree program that offers a thesis or non-thesis track.

Pharmaceutical sciences research is increasingly important to the health care industry and aims to optimize patient health and improve drug delivery through innovations in research. This degree program will prepare students with concrete skills and competencies to make them competitive for careers as a level 1 research scientist in the pharmaceutical industry, governmental agencies or academia.

The program is led by Dr. D’Souza is a nationally known expert in nanotechnology whose laboratory focuses on the design of novel patented technologies to deliver nano vaccines via oral-, buccal-, parenteral- and microneedle-based transdermal routes. He has developed two potential dry particulate vaccines, one for gonorrhea and another for ovarian cancer, which was the first ovarian cancer vaccine to reach clinical trials. He joined Mercer University College of Pharmacy from the University of Pittsburgh, where he earned a Ph.D. in pharmaceutical sciences.

Applications are open in PharmGrad. More information about the program can be found here.