Mercer to Host Regional Math Conference Oct. 16-17


MACON — Mercer University will serve as the host institution for the upcoming 29th Annual Southeastern Atlantic Regional Conference on Differential Equations, Oct. 16-17. More than 75 faculty and graduate students from across the Southeast will come to Mercer’s Macon campus to present research on differential equations, one of the most essential areas of calculus.

Differential equations provide for the application of calculus to real world or abstract problems, and are based on the area of mathematics that relates to the study of change. Such equations are essential to the study of fields such as engineering, physics and economics, said Dr. Keith E. Howard, associate professor of mathematics at Mercer. Dr. Howard helped to organize the conference along with Dr. Julie Beier, an assistant professor of mathematics, and Dr. Jeff Denny, associate professor of mathematics and an associate dean in the College of Liberal Arts.

About the Conference
For nearly three decades, the Southeastern Atlantic Regional Conference on Differential Equations, or SEARCDE, has brought together established and new researchers as well as advanced graduate students for an exchange of ideas and discussions on the diverse aspects of differential equations. The primary purpose of the conference is to promote research and education in the field of differential equations, including ordinary and partial differential equations and functional differential equations, numerical techniques and the applications to biology, engineering and physics.

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