Porter Patch Turning Back the Clock 3,000 Years with Inaugural Great Books Games Saturday


MACON — On Saturday, the Mercer University Great Books program will hold its inaugural Great Books Games from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Porter Patch on the University’s Macon campus. Loosely based on the funereal games held in the Iliad, the games will feature competitions such as a “chariot” race, “rock” throwing competition, a three-legged race and tug of war.

Teams will also be judged for best team banner, best chariot design and team spirit. The purpose of the games, organizers say, is to further explore the ancient texts the students are studying by adding a fun twist. The program is a general education track at the University, using the great books of the Western canon to study subjects through the original texts in subjects from literature to science.
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