5 things to put on your Cherry Blossom Festival bucket list

Trees bloom in 3rd Street Park in downtown Macon during a previous Cherry Blossom Festival.
Trees bloom in 3rd Street Park in downtown Macon during a previous Cherry Blossom Festival.

March 18 is the start of the 40th anniversary of the Cherry Blossom Festival in downtown Macon. Enjoy a 10-day celebration featuring live music, a parade, amusement rides and games, pink pancakes and more. The “Pinkest Party on Earth” is a great time for Mercer students to see and experience the hype of downtown Macon.

All of the activities associated with the Cherry Blossom Festival are open to the public, but NewTown Macon has created a Cherry Blossom bucket list just for students. Mark off these five activities, and you will have experienced Cherry Blossom like a pro.

1. Take your turn on the amusement rides and games at Carolyn Crayton Park

Mercer Bears live for excitement. Carolyn Crayton Park will be filled with rides and games for everyone from March 18-27. There is a $5 admission fee and a one-time fee for unlimited rides. The cost to ride is $20 Monday through Friday and $25 Saturday and Sunday.

2. Root for the fastest teams in the wiener dog and bed races

Each year, dogs run and teams push beds down Cherry Street to win Cherry Blossom awards. This year, the Wiener Dog Race starts at 11 a.m. and the Bed Race at 1 p.m. on March 19 in downtown Macon.

3. Enjoy a free concert

What is Macon without great music? Enjoy live performances nightly at Carolyn Crayton Park. Headliners include Walker Hayes, Arrested Development and Niko Moon. Check out the complete performance schedule. You can also enjoy live music from Macon Pops while riding in hot air balloons at Middle Georgia State University. This takes place March 27 at the Tunes and Balloons event, the finale of the festival.

4. Shop and dine with local businesses

Downtown Macon is home to 41 local retailers and boutiques. Shop for unique gifts, Cherry Blossom-themed goodies, artwork and more. Don’t forget to grab a delicious treat or meal at a downtown restaurant or bakery. There will even be free cupcakes, doughnuts, ice cream and Coca-Cola in 3rd Street Park every weekday during the Cherry Blossom Festival.

5. Post about your fun in downtown Macon

Did you really attend the Cherry Blossom Festival if you didn’t post and let your friends know? Snap a pic and showcase your beautiful college city on social media. Make sure to use #downtownmacon and #pinkestparty on your posts.

Macon is your home for at least four years. Enjoy all of the fun offered in your beautiful, historic city. See you this weekend at the Pinkest Party on Earth!


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