It takes a lot of people to make Mercer University the institution that it is. The students have and always will be the lifeblood of our University, but Mercer wouldn’t be Mercer without expert faculty members to pass on their knowledge and highly-skilled staff members to manage day-to-day operations. Our “Worker Bears” series highlights the Mercer employees who work tirelessly, often behind the scenes, to care for our University and our students.

Meet Carrie Ingoldsby

Title: Director of Campus Life and Student Involvement

How long she’s worked at Mercer: 10 years

What she does: Ingoldsby’s work at Mercer focuses on event planning, student advising and student development. Campus Life coordinates outside-the-classroom events and experiences with students through campus groups like Mercer Maniacs, QuadWorks, Mobilize Mercer and MerServe, as well as all of Mercer’s student organizations and fraternities and sororities.

“We work closely with students to create a more vibrant student and campus experience. We also provide a variety of opportunities for learning and leadership development while at Mercer,” she said.

What she loves most about her work: “What I love most about working at Mercer is working directly with students and my staff and colleagues, as well as putting on large-scale events with and for students, community and families. I love seeing our students grow, develop and enjoy their experience at Mercer, and if I can make it better, then I have done my job!”


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