Court of Appeals to Hold Special Session at Mercer Law School


On Tuesday, Oct. 3 at 9:30 a.m. the Court of Appeals of the State of Georgia will hear oral arguments in the first-floor moot courtroom at Mercer Law School. The annual visit will provide an opportunity for students and the local community to observe the Court in action. The panel that will hear cases at the Law School includes Judge M. Yvette Miller, presiding, Judge Sara L. Doyle and Judge Clyde L. Reese. The cases to be heard as part of the Second Division of the Court are listed below.

Judge Miller is a double bear of Mercer, earning her B.A. degree and J.D. from the University. Judge Doyle and Judge Reese are also graduates of Mercer Law School.

At the start of the session, the Court will hold a short admission ceremony allowing any recent law school graduates, alumni or members of the local bar who are not already admitted to the Court of Appeals to be admitted at the special session. If you are interested in being admitted to the Bar of the Court of Appeals of Georgia on October 3, please contact Leslie Cadle at Mercer Law School for further details.

A171A1969: Georgia-Pacific Consumer Products, PL v. Kirbi Ratner, et al.

The case involves an appeal of the trial court's denial of a motion for summary judgment by the defendant, Georgia-Pacific Consumer Products, in a lawsuit brought by landowners for nuisance and negligence relating to releases of hydrogen sulfide from a Georgia-Pacific paper mill. The issues on appeal focus on statutory interpretation, the scope of duty in negligence, and the availability of punitive damages.

Appellant's Brief A171A1969
Appellee's Brief A171A1969

A17A1970: Kirbi Ratner, et al. v. Georgia-Pacific Consumer Products, PL

The case, a companion to A171A1969, involves an appeal of the trial court's decision to grant Georgia-Pacific Consumer Products' motion for summary judgment on the trespass claim brought by Kirbi Ratner, et al., relating to the releases of hydrogen sulfide from the defendant's paper mill.

Appellant's Brief A17A1970
Appellee's Brief A17A1970

A171A1726: John F. Davis, et al. v. Louisiana Pacific

The case involves an appeal by John F. Davis of the Georgia Board of Workers' Compensation decision to dismiss his claim for workers compensation for injuries related to mesothelioma when he was injured in Georgia, but the injuries were caused by asbestos exposure that occurred outside of Georgia.

Appellant's Brief A171A1726
Appellee's Brief A171A1726

A171A2112: Mary Murray v. Community Health Systems Professional Corp., et al.

The case involves an appeal of the trial court's decision to grant the defendants' motions for summary judgment on the plaintiff's claims for defamation and violation of the whistleblower protection provisions of the Georgia Medicaid False Claims Act in a lawsuit relating to her termination as a physician by the defendants. 

Appellant's Brief A171A2112
Appellee's Brief A171A2112