Students, want to stay active even when you’re stuck at home? Mercer’s fitness instructors are providing daily workout plans and online group fitness experiences to help you stay in shape.  

Here’s what’s offered on March 25:  

  • Get in your HIIT workout without all the jumping. This apartment-friendly workout allows you to do high-intensity interval training wherever you areGet the HIIT workout.  
  • Find your inner peace with a mindful yoga practiceGet the yoga workout. 
  • Dance your way into fitness with Zumba. We provide the playlist and the moves, and you follow along. Get the Zumba workout.  
  • Join group fitness instructor Brian Cassidy on Zoom at noon for a 15- to 20-minute No Equipment Lower Body Workout, appropriate for all fitness levels, that can be completed wherever you are. Participate in group fitness on Zoom. If you can’t attend live, the video will be archived on the Wellness Facebook page. 

Come back to The Den each day to find new daily workouts.