Debate Team Earns Sweepstakes, First-Place Speaker Awards at Valdosta State University

Debate VSU

MACON – Mercer University’s debate team took home the sweepstakes award at this past weekend’s Valdosta State University tournament as the institution that performed best across both the varsity and novice divisions.

In the varsity division, Cameron Dawkins, junior global health studies and Spanish double-major, was named first-place speaker, and Yasmeen Hill, junior journalism and media studies double-major, was fifth-place speaker.

The pairings of Dawkins and Hill, as well as Taylor Cole, senior communication major, and Eduardo Rubio, senior computational science and economics double-major, reached the semifinal round.

In the novice division, Sanaa Yusuf, sophomore psychology major, was named second-place speaker, and Cameron Wade, sophomore religion and women’s and gender studies double-major, was third-place speaker.

The pairings of Yusuf and Wade, as well as Shreeya Singh, sophomore political science and economics double-major, and Elizabeth Wyte, freshman journalism major, reached the semifinals.

“Every single Mercer debater took home a trophy, and – for the second tournament in a row – Mercer won the top speaker of the tournament,” said Dr. Vasile Stanescu, director of debate. “Mercer also won the sweepstakes award, given to the college or university with the overall best performance. When a student is deciding where to go to college, they should know: Mercer wins.”

Mercer debate will next compete at the National Round Robin Feb. 21-24 at Concordia University in Irvine, California.