Eight great off-campus places in Macon to study, work

A woman holds a blue macaroon over a box while sitting in a booth inside a shop.
Hailie Poppell holds a macaron inside Oh Honey Baking Co. Photo by Hailie Poppell

When I moved to Macon to start my college career, I focused on three main things: making new friends, exploring the city, and getting good grades. I swear, I blinked my eyes, and the first month was gone. I had made friends and was doing well academically, but I had yet to see much of Macon. How was I supposed to do all three at the same time?

As I went through four years of college and stayed in Macon for work, I eventually learned all the great places to get work done AND spend time with friends all over the city! Here are my favorite off-campus study (and work) spots in Macon.

Z Beans Downtown

If you live on campus, you have probably seen Z Beans in Mercer Village. This beautiful storefront is a great spot for meetings or schoolwork, but did you know Z Beans also has a downtown location? Located right off the new Cotton Avenue Plaza, Z Beans Downtown provides the perfect vibe to get to business. I love to sit at the high-top tables and look at downtown Macon through the windows while I work. Address: 311 Cotton Ave.

Amerson River Park

When the weather starts to cool off, I can’t help but want to be outside. Luckily, in Macon, we have several beautiful parks to spend time in. In the fall, I love sitting at the picnic tables in the pavilions at Amerson River Park. Make sure you have a Wi-Fi hot spot if you plan to use your computer here. This is a great place to read. The sounds of the river, the breeze blowing in the trees, and the sun shining around you create the perfect atmosphere to focus. Address: 2551 Pierce Drive N.

Oh Honey Baking Co.

Located in Ingleside Village, this coffee shop and bakery continues to wow the community. My personal favorite menu items are the honey bee iced latte and vanilla macarons. With its two-person tables, this is an ideal spot for some quiet work time. Be sure to get there early to grab a table because it can get swamped. Pro-tip: Grab your coffee and sit outside in the shade. Address: 2391 Ingleside Ave.

A hand holds up a yellow macaroon inside a store.
A macaron from Oh Honey Baking Co. Photo by Hailie Poppell

Barnes & Noble Café

I am a small business kind of girl, but something about sitting in Barnes & Noble at the Shoppes at River Crossing makes me feel like I am in a 2000s rom-com. Grab a coffee or pastry and set up your workstation at one of their circle tables. This is a great place to study or work alone and escape the average day on campus. Address: 5080 Riverside Drive

Longleaf Distillery

For those over 21, a new cozy lounge has opened in downtown Macon. Get some weekend work done at Longleaf Distillery, Macon’s first legal distillery, starting at noon on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Enjoy a cocktail or mocktail in their comfortable cocktail lounge while you work. Address: 664 Second St.

Washington Memorial Library

On College Street, step into history at the Washington Memorial Library, which has served Macon for 100 years. The library is open every day but Sunday and even has study rooms you can reserve. It also hosts events for book lovers and those looking to get more involved in the community. This month, the library is partnering with Macon Bagels. Bring a checked-out library book to Macon Bagels and receive 10% off during the month of September. Address: 1180 Washington Ave.

Coming soon: Sweet Eleanor’s and Taste & See Coffee

Downtown Macon is getting two new businesses that will be great settings for getting your work done. First is Sweet Eleanor’s, a dessert shop opening this fall at 530 Poplar St. This sweet spot is sure to have a cozy atmosphere. Next is the reopening of Taste & See Coffee. If you have been in Macon for a little bit, you have probably been to this staple coffee shop. It will reopen in the same downtown location, at 546 Poplar St., in October. I personally cannot wait to have one of their blonde lattes again.


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