Graduate Spotlight: Shelby Goin

Shelby Goin

Shelby Goin is graduating from Mercer University‘s Georgia Baptist College of Nursing with a Bachelor of Science in nursing.

What are you plans after graduation?

After graduation, I plan on studying for and passing the national licensing exam for nursing (NCLEX). I will continue to work at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta as a patient care technician until July when I will begin nurse residency in Egleston’s TICU (Technology-Dependent Intensive Care Unit). I also plan on binge-watching “Grey’s Anatomy” (again), hanging out with my friends and family and catching up on some sleep before the “real” world begins.

Who was your favorite professor and why?

My favorite professor hands down was Dr. Jennifer Bartlett. She had a way of presenting some of the most challenging content with such spunk and excitement that it was hard to forget once the test came around. Her eagerness to teach made those 8 a.m. pharmacology classes or long med-surg (medical-surgical) days feel like a breeze.

How do you plan on changing the world?

I’m not sure if I alone will be changing the world anytime soon. However, I hope to be just a small part of the newest wave of health care that prioritizes patient-centered care, education and prevention, and compassion. I hope that my new role as a pediatric nurse and eventually (hopefully) pediatric nurse practitioner will allow me to empower and educate children and their families to become their own health advocates and take charge of their well-being.

What advice do you have for incoming students?

My advice for incoming students is to focus on your mental health at all times. I cannot stress enough the importance of balance. If you have been studying for 10 hours straight and want to go to Starbucks to take a break and pay for an overpriced drink — do it. Listen to your body. You deserve breaks, and you deserve to prioritize your own well-being so that you can be as focused and ready as possible for whatever challenge comes your way.

What makes Mercer special to you?

I will always remember Mercer as the place that I met some of the most influential professors and some of my closest friends. From meeting each other for the first time at orientation, freaking out about exams and then getting those passing scores, to just hanging out during lunch breaks, the students and teachers I’ve met at Mercer will always hold a place in my heart. Once a Bear, always a Bear. Don’t be surprised if you see me back on campus one day as a professor.

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