Husband and wife to graduate from Mercer together — they even share a major

man and woman wearing graduation regalia stand in front of admin building
Madison and Adam Mobley. Photo by Mercedes Meranda

Throughout their time at Mercer University, Adam Mobley and Madison Mobley have been a constant source of support for each other. 

Now, the husband and wife are graduating from the College of Education together. Both will receive Bachelor of Science in Education degrees in elementary special education during the 5:30 p.m. Atlanta commencement ceremony on May 12 at Gas South Arena in Duluth. 

“Being able to graduate together will be like the icing on the top,” Adam said. “We’ve learned to navigate through things, the differences and how to overcome those. So, it will be like a victorious moment.” 

Adam, 30, and Madison, 28, first met in elementary school but didn’t start dating until Madison was a junior in high school. The couple married in 2016. They both attended other colleges before landing at Mercer. 

The Mobleys grew up in Henry County and live there today. When Mercer’s Henry County Regional Academic Center had an open house, Adam went. He instantly felt at home. 

“I remember being in elementary school. I would have student teachers come in, and they would have the Mercer University badge on,” Adam said. “I was very influenced by those student teachers. … They really projected Mercer as an incredible college, and it’s been that way ever since.” 

Madison’s dad was an educator, and that influenced her to get into education. She and Adam both were impacted by the care they received from special education teachers in school, prompting them both to pursue the major. The Den previously featured Adam in a story about his path to special education. 

Because Adam and Madison had the same major, they also had the same classes. As student teachers, they were placed in the same school. They drove to and from school together, and after school they made delivery runs for DoorDash for income.  

“The only separation we get is he’s in a different classroom,” Madison said. 

Being in the same academic courses had its benefits. If one person didn’t understand the material, the other would. Friendly competition between the couple pushed them to be their best. 

“I’m always the winner,” Adam joked. 

Madison chimed in, “No, no, no, no. Not always!” 

The couple said they enjoy close relationships with their classmates and professors, who are available to help whenever needed. 

“They’ve been the best support that I think we could have ever had,” Adam said. 

Both plan to pursue their master’s degrees at Mercer while beginning their teaching careers in the classroom. 

“When we first started dating, we were children, and so us growing together as adults and then growing into educators, I think that’s a really big accomplishment,” Madison said.


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