Mercer ranks No. 5 among nation’s Peace Corps Prep schools

Five students smile at the camera while wearing orange Peace Corps Prep program T-shirts

The Peace Corps announced Sept. 30 that Mercer University ranked No. 5 among more than 140 Peace Corps Prep schools on the agency’s list of top certificate-issuing institutions in 2020.

Mercer issued 28 certificates to seniors and juniors in 2020, tying the University for fifth place with Monmouth University in New Jersey. A total of 55 students were enrolled in the Peace Corps Prep program at Mercer during the 2019-20 academic year.

Peace Corps Prep is a certificate program that teaches students sector-specific skills, foreign language proficiency, intercultural competence and leadership. While having a Peace Corps Prep certificate does not guarantee acceptance into the Peace Corps, enrolling in the program helps students be more competitive.

Last year, a record six Mercer students received Peace Corps placements.

Established in 2007, the prep program aims to meet the demand for Peace Corps Volunteers with broad and relevant areas of expertise and to support schools’ efforts to provide substantive, globally focused experiences for their students.

The program centers on empowering students to prepare themselves to be the best Peace Corps Volunteer they can be and provides an opportunity for colleges and universities to globalize their campuses through a partnership with the Peace Corps. This diversity-focused program enhances students’ undergraduate experience by preparing them for international development fieldwork and potential Peace Corps service.

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