Mercer Remembers Alumnus, Generous Supporter and Alumni Board Member Dr. Roy Vandiver

Dr. Roy Vandiver

Roy Wesley Vandiver, Mercer alumnus, generous supporter and former alumni board member, died April 15 at the age of 84, following a battle with cancer. A native of Edison, Vandiver started at Mercer in 1953 and completed nearly all of his requirements in just two years. However, before receiving his bachelor’s degree, he left for the Medical College of Georgia, where he earned a Doctor of Medicine degree. After 32 years as a successful surgeon, he became the CEO and chairman of MAG Mutual Insurance Co., a malpractice insurance firm. He served there for 10 years until his retirement in 2011.

When Vandiver left Mercer for medical school, he was three classes shy of a degree. In 2011, he reenrolled at Mercer and commuted from his home in Decatur to Macon taking classes in Old Testament, New Testament and Geology. In 2012, he completed his degree and became the oldest student to receive a Bachelor of Science in Medicine and the third-oldest person to receive a bachelor’s degree from Mercer.

Vandiver loved Mercer and gave generously to various academic programs and funds at the University to help support educational opportunities and experiences for current students. He and his wife, Maureen, made a significant commitment to support the construction of the Godsey Science Center, and the Center’s STEM Quad patio is named in honor of their support. Vandiver proudly served on the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Alumni Advisory Board and was a Life Member of the University’s President’s Club.