Mercer to Have Most Student Presentations at Inaugural ‘Posters at the Capitol’ Event

Research Conference

MACON – Mercer University will have the most student presentations of any Georgia institution participating in the inaugural “Posters at the Capitol” event today in Atlanta.

Ten students will present seven research projects to state senators and representatives during the event, which accepted applications from undergraduates enrolled in any of Georgia’s public or private colleges or universities. A total of 41 projects were selected.

Kenerly Gordon will be presenting “A Clinical Gait Analysis of Below Knee Amputee Fit with Mercer Universal Prosthesis.” Her adviser for this research is Dr. Ha Van Vo, Distinguished University Professor of Biomedical Engineering.

Timothy Hood and Ariel Dornisch will be presenting “DustDuino: Developing a Low-Cost Air Pollution Monitoring Apparatus.” Their adviser for this research is Dr. Andre Butler, associate professor and chair of environmental engineering.

Perry Hicks will be presenting “Study of CdSe quantum dots in aims of refining the surface modification procedure needed to tailor quantum dot properties for solar energy applications.” Her adviser for this research is Dr. Joseph Keene, assistant professor of chemistry.

Hannah Keller will be presenting “When Conflict Became Strategy: The Marriage of Edward IV to Elizabeth Woodville.” Her adviser for this research is Dr. Abigail Dowling, assistant professor of history.

Sachin Khurana will be presenting “The Asymmetric and Nonlinear Impact of Public Investment on Economic Growth.” His advisers for this research are Dr. Geoffrey Ngene, associate professor of economics, and Dr. Antonio Saravia, associate professor of economics and director of the BB&T Center for Undergraduate Research in Public Policy and Capitalism.

Jadon Murad and Mayah Waltower will be presenting “Political Economic Structure and Recent Development in Ethiopia.” Their adviser for this research is Dr. Andres Marroquin, visiting associate professor of economics.

Jordan Teng and Olivia Kight will be presenting “Touch3D™ Touchable Yearbook for the Visually Impaired.” Their advisers for this research are Dr. Sinjae Hyun, professor of biomedical engineering, and Dr. Scott Schultz, associate dean and professor of industrial engineering.