Mercer to hold virtual BEAR Day to showcase student work

A student shows her work at BEAR Day 2019.

Mercer University has converted its 10th annual Breakthroughs in Engagement, Arts and Research (BEAR) Day to a virtual format during the COVID-19 pandemic in order to showcase outstanding student research and special projects.

Students were invited to submit their work to the University’s digital repository where it will be available for viewing by fellow students, faculty and the general public.

“This was a big change for us, especially on such short notice,” said Dr. Adam Kiefer, Distinguished University Professor of Chemistry and faculty co-chair of BEAR Day. “That being said, it was essential to provide students with the opportunity to present their work and accomplishments to the Mercer community. More than 130 student projects were uploaded into our University Research, Scholarship, and Archives (URSA) database.”

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