Mercer University Wind and Jazz Ensemble Audition Information


Dear New and Returning Brass, Woodwind and Percussion Instrumentalists-Mercer Wind Ensemble/Jazz Ensemble,

I hope your summer has been going great!

We look forward to your return/arrival in a few weeks. If you do not have your “chops” in shape, it is time to get ready for our first rehearsal (August 23 for Jazz Ensemble and August 24 for the Wind Ensemble) and your audition on Sunday, August 21 (returning members), or Monday, August 22 (new members), in McCorkle Music Building Room 118. If you do not receive an assigned time in late July, send Dr. Hill an email at so a time can be scheduled.

You will need to arrive at your audition with ALL your major scales memorized two octaves where possible and be able to play them in the circle of fourths (for example Concert F-Bb-Eb, etc.). Good tone quality and even tempo are most important, NOT speed!

Since the audition is only eight minutes in length, you will only need to prepare this excerpt for your instrument as well as a short sight-reading excerpt that will be provided. Percussionists will be assigned parts by Dr. Reddick once the repertoire is decided, so they will not audition on August 21-22.

We will require all students to own a working metronome/tuner for use in developing internal pulse and correct intonation. Brass players will need to own their own straight and cup mutes manufactured by such companies as JoRal or Tom Crown, but NOT the red/white out-of-tune stone-lined brand.

An audition sheet for Wind Ensemble and Jazz Ensemble will be located outside McCorkle Music Building Room 118. Please have this form completed prior to entering the audition room.

Dr. Cole and I have some great music planned for this concert season and are looking forward to getting rehearsals started!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. I will be in the office beginning August 3 (478-301-2752) and will check email intermittently before and after that date at