Mobile App Designed by Pharmacy Professor is First to Provide Customized Drug Information on Demand


Service to Launch at Health 2.0 Fall Conference Sept. 24 in Silicon Valley

ATLANTA – A professor in Mercer University's College of Pharmacy has developed a mobile application and website, InpharmDTM, that provides customized, on demand, evidence-based responses to clinical questions from health care providers.

The website and app allow users to type in any medication-related question – including questions about disease states – and receive an evidence-based answer within a specified time period. The application also includes an automated topic search feature, allowing the user to learn tips, facts and the latest news about medications from around the United States and world.

The service launches Sept. 24 at Health 2.0's eighth annual Fall Conference in Silicon Valley, California.

Health 2.0 selected InpharmD™ to participate in “Launch!,” which gives 10 health care technology startups the opportunity to demonstrate their product in front of a live audience. The audience will select its favorite product to receive demonstration time on the main stage at next year's conference.

Ashish Advani, Pharm.D., clinical assistant professor at Mercer and founder of InpharmDTM, will represent InpharmD™ in the competition.

“Currently such a service is not commercially available,” said Dr. Advani. “Existing drug information websites and apps do not offer customized drug information, and existing drug information centers that provide customized information do not presently offer a website and mobile app as a means of communication. With this endeavor, we aim to promote the exchange of drug information in a way that has never been done before.”

The new application comes at a critical juncture for health care providers. Currently, the United States spends over $3 trillion on health care, roughly 18 percent of the gross domestic product (GDP). By 2022, health care spending is estimated to rise to approximately 20 percent of the GDP. On the other hand, the World Health Organization recently ranked the United States 37th out of 191 countries based on performance, and looking ahead, data show the U.S. health care system improving more slowly than that of other countries.

“We believe that better access to better information leads to better health care decisions,” said Dr. Advani.

With an estimated 91 percent of U.S. health care providers using smartphones and 170 million Americans getting health information over the Internet, InpharmD™ is designed to target patients and providers at the point of care, whether it is before, during or after a medical visit.

Mercer University and the Mercer Health Sciences Center provided Dr. Advani the time and resources needed to develop the application. H.W. “Ted” Matthews, Ph.D., senior vice president for health sciences at Mercer, said the application is greatly needed.

“The cost associated with poor medication management is in the billions of dollars,” said Dr. Matthews, who is both a pharmaceutical scientist and a registered pharmacist. “The health care industry is now acutely aware that both patients and providers must become better informed about medication therapy. Our hope is that this application is part of the solution that will move us closer in that direction.”

Health care providers wishing to register for a free three-month trial can request an invitation via the following link: For more information about InpharmDTM, contact Dr. Advani at or (678) 547-6223.

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