Myra Cameron loves helping and supporting student-athletes | Worker Bears

Myra Cameron
Myra Cameron

It takes a lot of people to make Mercer University the institution that it is. The students have and always will be the lifeblood of our University, but Mercer wouldn’t be Mercer without expert faculty members to pass on their knowledge and highly skilled staff members to manage day-to-day operations. Our “Worker Bears” series highlights the Mercer employees who work tirelessly, often behind the scenes, to care for our University and our students.

Meet Myra Cameron

Title: Administrative/Eligibility Coordinator for the Athletic Department.

How long she’s worked at Mercer: Cameron began her 25th year at Mercer on Sept. 1. She came to Mercer in 1997 as athletics staff assistant and was promoted to administrative/eligibility coordinator in July 2000. Cameron was awarded the Mercer Spirit Award in 2003, and she was named to the All-Southern Conference Faculty and Staff Team in 2019.

What she does: “I handle a lot of administrative duties, but my main responsibility is certifying eligibility for almost 450 student-athletes, so they are ready for competition when their season starts,” she said.

What she loves most about her work: “This job has provided me opportunities to visit places I probably would never have had the chance to see. But I think the thing I love the most is being able to help students — especially their first year here — to adjust to the college environment and then to watch them develop over their time here into very special young men and women. I love watching them compete in their sport and try to see as many competitions as I possibly can.”


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