New Faculty and Staff



Katherine Lloyd, admissions and special programs coordinator, English Language Institute

Marc Reece, director of graduate admissions, Penfield College, Admissions

Sanchita Sen, clinical associate professor, Pharmacy Practice, College of Pharmacy


Casie Bridges, instructional technologist, Academic Affairs, School of Medicine

Caroline Carlton, assistant director of admissions and athletic recruitment, Admissions

Peter Diehl, stagehand, Grand Opera House

Matthew Fleishhacker, assistant football coach, Athletics

Shamere Gaines, student loans specialist, Student Loans

Shawna Jones, assistant bursar, Bursar’s Office

Joshua McCall, stagehand, Grand Opera House

Clarence Powell Jr., coordinator of creative services, Athletics

Brock Snyder, police officer, Mercer Police

Tammi Walker, associate bursar, Bursar’s Office

Leon Wright, assistant football coach, Athletics

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