New Faculty and Staff

Statue of Jesse Mercer on the Mercer campus.


Oscar Sierra, research assistant, Pharmaceutical Services, College of Pharmacy

Letia Wright, enrollment associate, Admissions


George Dekle, assistant director of career services and experiential learning, Career Services, School of Law

Artavia Gillard, assistant director of admissions and recruitment, Admissions, School of Law

Tracy Hackett, licensed practical nurse, Mercer Medicine

Andrew Herndon, rigger, Grand Opera House

Courtney Honeycutt, coordinator of pre-graduate school advising, Academic and Advising Services

Thomas Hope, assistant professor of medical education, Academic Affairs, School of Medicine

Shannon Welch, medical receptionist, Mercer Medicine

Lucy Wilson, consulting registrar, Registrar’s Office

Henry County

Pamela Brown, substitute center coordinator, Regional Academic Center

Ernest Farmer, center evening coordinator, Regional Academic Center


Dion Arkwright, library assistant, Medical Library, School of Medicine

Sarah Maciejewski, library assistant, Medical Library, School of Medicine

Victoria Sutton, lead preceptorship coordinator, Community Medicine, School of Medicine

Avis Toole, animal caretaker, Biomedical Sciences, School of Medicine