New Faculty and Staff



Rachel Byrd, academic program support specialist, Dean’s Office, College of Education
Jennifer Gandia, lecturer, Instruction, College of Nursing
Omar Issa, postdoctoral scholar, Pharmaceutical Sciences, College of Pharmacy
Ian Ross, coordinator of academic services, Dean’s Office, College of Pharmacy

Douglas County

Deborah Johnson-Blake, substitute coordinator, Regional Center Operations, Regional Academic Center

Henry County

Barbara Donald, substitute coordination, Regional Center Operations, Regional Academic Center


Shannon Albritton, stagehand, Grand Opera House
Neal Albrycht, warehouse clerk, Mercer University Press, College of Liberal Arts
Karen Badger-Mabry, temporary gameday event staff, Athletics
Matthew Barfield, maintenance technician II, Physical Plant
David Bennett, stagehand, Grand Opera House
David Cole, assistant football coach, Athletics
Andrew Cronic, head football coach, Athletics
Cassidy Crowley, assistant director of admissions operations, Admissions
Benjamin Daniel, stagehand, Grand Opera House
Sarah Early, stagehand, Grand Opera House
Sumner Ellis, assistant football coach, Athletics
Timothy Foster, assistant football coach, Athletics
Kenneth Howard Jr., temporary gameday event staff, Athletics
Paula Kamara, grant project coordinator, Community Medicine, School of Medicine
John Laurence Jr., temporary gameday event staff, Athletics
James Long, assistant football coach, Athletics
Angela Newman, stagehand, Grand Opera House
Christopher Redding, police officer, Mercer Police
Kim Sinclair, diabetes educator, Mercer Medicine, School of Medicine
Joel Taylor Jr., assistant football coach, Athletics
Savannah Walker, stagehand, Grand Opera House


Erin Faircloth, standardized patient, Clinical Skills, School of Medicine