Prominent Mercer Law alumni from the past 50 Years

exterior of large, stately building with columns and arched windows
Built in 1954-55 to evoke Philadelphia’s Independence Hall, the Law School building is located on Coleman Hill, overlooking downtown Macon. Mercer University photo

Mercer Law School alumni include several prominent figures in law and politics. They include:

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Nathan Deal, 82nd governor of Georgia, former U.S. Congressman and current Mercer trustee

Cathy Cox, former Georgia secretary of state and dean of the Law School from 2017-21

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Carlton Mobley, chief justice of the Georgia Supreme Court from 1972-74

Michael P. Boggs, current chief justice of the Georgia Supreme Court and Mercer trustee

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headshot of woman in suit

Yvette Miller, first Black woman to serve as chief judge of the Court of Appeals and two-term Mercer trustee

W. Louis Sands, first Black federal district judge in the Middle District of Georgia and three-term Mercer trustee

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Buck Melton, Macon mayor from 1975-79

Robert Reichert, Macon mayor from 2013-20

headshot of man in suit
headshot of man in suit

Lester Miller, Macon mayor from 2021-present


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Neil Skene
Neil Skene, LAW ’77, has been a member and chair of the Law School Board of Visitors and is a member and founding chair of Mercer’s National Journalism Advisory Board. A former editor and publisher, he is author of "The Florida Supreme Court: A Journey Toward Justice, 1971-1987" (University Press of Florida, 2017). He is also author of “The Path to Coleman Hill: Mercer Law School’s 150-Year Journey” (Mercer Law Review, 2023).