Promotions and Transfers



Kandy Cook, associate bursar for operations, Bursar’s Office

Manesra Hall, assistant bursar, Bursar’s Office

Cynthia Lee, lead credentialing coordinator, Pharmacy Practice, College of Pharmacy


Debbie Blankenship, director of Center for Collaborative Journalism/visiting assistant professor, Journalism and Media Studies, College of Liberal Arts

LaQueshia Chapman, student loans coordinator, Student Loans

Lucy Joshee, research associate, Biomedical Sciences, School of Medicine

Tracey Schwartz, accounting assistant, Medical Library, School of Medicine

Richard Spivey, international student adviser/scholar services coordinator, International Programs

Victoria Vincent, director of rentals and patron services, Grand Opera House

Kyle is senior director of media relations at Mercer. In addition to being the primary media contact for most academic and administrative units of the university, he serves as editor of the Mercerian alumni magazine and News@Mercer e-newsletters, and he coordinates hometown and university news releases.