Promotions and Transfers



Arthur Kent, associate bursar, Bursar’s Office

Laura Morrow, director of graduate programs and associate professor of management, Dean’s Office, School of Business

Rhonda Lidstone, senior analyst, Human Resources


Abigail Paris, senior admissions counselor, Admissions

Ambria Searles, administrative clerk, Academic and Advising Services

Kelly Reffitt, vice provost and professor, Provost’s Office

Matthew Hall, associate general counsel, General Counsel

Elizabeth Shockley, administrative clerk, Faculty Affairs, School of Medicine

Laqueshia Chapman, assistant director of student loans, Student Loans

Alisha Howard, administrative secretary, Pathology and Clinical Sciences Education, School of Medicine

Erika Rodriguez, student loans coordinator, Student Loans

Ashley Hunnicutt, director of compensation, Human Resources

Candace Whaley, associate vice president, Human Resources


Stanley Angle Jr., associate dean for evaluation and assessment and assistant professor, Dean’s Office, School of Medicine

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