Ten Mercer Students to Present at Second Annual ‘Posters at the Georgia Capitol’ Event

Poster Presentation

MACON – Ten Mercer students will present eight posters to state senators and representatives at the second annual “Posters at the Georgia Capitol” event Feb. 25 in Atlanta.

The undergraduate research presentation opportunity is an initiative of the Georgia Undergraduate Research Collective. A total of 48 posters were chosen from undergraduate applicants enrolled in any of Georgia’s public or private colleges or universities.

Greg Baker will be presenting “Antibacterial Performance of Electrically Activated Conductive Water Filter Papers.” His advisor is Dr. Dorina Mihut, associate professor of mechanical engineering.

Alviez Aziz Chagan and Elizabeth Graham will be presenting “Optimizing Home Energy Efficiency and Solar Power.” Their advisor is Dr. Michael MacCarthy, assistant professor of environmental engineering.

Lakshme Jakobs will be presenting “Replicating tissue through 3D printing with novel copolymers.” Her advisor is Dr. Sinjae Hyun, professor of biomedical engineering and director of M.S.E. and associated M.S. programs.

Luke Jones and Gabriella Longway will be presenting “Novel, lead compounds demonstrating anti-biofilm properties in B. subtilis, S. aureus, and S. mutans.” Their advisors are Dr. Linda Hensel, professor of biology, and Dr. David Goode, associate professor and director of biochemistry and molecular biology.

Shailey Shah will be presenting “Characterizing the cyclase gene, a component of lanthipeptide biosynthesis.” Her advisor is Dr. Emilianne M. Limbrick, assistant professor of chemistry.

Leia Troop will be presenting “3D Printed Extra Hepatic Bile Duct Model for in vitro Testing.” Her advisor is Dr. Joanna Thomas, assistant professor of biomedical engineering.

Jack Xhemali will be presenting “A mutant screen of smax1smxl2 to achieve a better understanding of the karrikin signaling pathway.” His advisor is Dr. John Stanga, assistant professor of biology.

Elizabeth Yavnel will be presenting “Evidence of Immigration and Ideology from Latinobarometro Survey in 18 Countries.” Her advisor is Dr. Andres Marroquin, associate professor of economics.