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Dear Kelly,

I noticed that you are a student ambassador. What is a student ambassador, and what advantage is there to becoming one?

Let me begin by saying, I adore being a student ambassador! Student ambassadors are generally the first face you see when you enter any of the Regional Academic Centers. We are the voice you hear when you call the centers. We aid in the day-to-day operations as well as assist our fellow students. Student ambassadors have the honor of representing Mercer University and the privilege of welcoming new students and guiding them through their journeys as Bears.

Becoming a student ambassador has multiple benefits. To begin with, as a student ambassador you will get to see behind the scenes of how Mercer operates and just how much faculty and staff do for all of us. You will play an integral role in student events and get to assist in making them successful. For example, as an ambassador I have gotten to not only witness the dedication the Enrollment Management team has to Mercer’s student body but also have the honor of speaking to them about how the decisions and effort they make positively affect every student. I have been invited to assist the Admissions team in recruiting new students. Additionally, I also have had the opportunity to be part of a panel of students that participated in a survey to guide Mercer in making future decisions about the needs of its students.

Another benefit of becoming a student ambassador is you get to know and support your fellow Bears. Whether it is guiding new students through obtaining their Bear Cards, completing their enrollment checklists or accessing their MyMercer and Canvas accounts, or helping returning students order books online or decide what to do about classes, you will have the honor of meeting and getting to know the other students at your campus. Furthermore, they will get to know you and know you are there to support them in their success.

In addition, an amazing benefit of becoming a student ambassador is that you will have the opportunity to get to know your professors. Likewise, they will come to know you and your dedication to serving Mercer while also being a dedicated student. On the first day of class, I usually already know my professors because I have seen and assisted them on campus. They know that if they need something, I am more than happy to help in any way that I can, making copies, helping them with their computer or even just adjusting the room temperature. You get to exhibit your dependability and resourcefulness, which in turn, builds their opinion of who you are and what you are capable of accomplishing. This can certainly help later on when you need references for your resume or referral letters for scholarship applications.

With each of these benefits, you are building connections, which is vitally important for college students to do. Why? Because networking is an essential component when entering the job market. Although you will have a degree when you graduate, companies might still hesitate in hiring someone who is freshly out of college unless you can show them the risk they may take in hiring you will have large payoffs in the future. How can you help them see your viability? By referencing the connections you built while you were in school and allowing those references to paint the picture of who you are as an individual, how hard working you are, how determined you are to succeed, and how dedicated you are to being an integral part of what will make their business successful. To build these kinds of relationships, you must network, and being a student ambassador is an excellent way to network.

All Mercer students have what it takes to succeed; remember, we major in changing the world! As a student, there are many ways to network. But as a student ambassador, the ability to build connections is truly limitless. I have built strong relationships with other student ambassadors that I know will last a lifetime. And honestly, my life has been forever changed by the amazing faculty that I get to serve each and every day, through their encouragement, praise, and words of wisdom and advice.

I have gotten to be a part of what makes Mercer phenomenal! And as a student ambassador, you would have that opportunity, as well.

If you are interested in becoming a student ambassador, or want to learn more, contact your campus, ask for the Campus Coordinator and ask them how. The phone number and coordinator for each campus is:

Good luck to you! As always, I wish you health, happiness and continued success throughout your journey!

Do you have a question about distance learning or coping with school in these challenging times? Each week Kelly Browning, an early childhood education/special education major and student ambassador at the Henry County Regional Academic Center, answers questions from the Mercer community. Email her at or fill out our online form to submit your question anonymously.


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