‘Twas the Night Before Finals: A Mercer take on a holiday classic


Video by Bekah Howard / Poem by Andrea Honaker / Narration by Dr. Penny Elkins

‘Twas the night before finals and all across Mercer,
The students were studying with a great sense of fervor.

Books and laptops sat on their desks with care,
in hopes of grades they’d be happy to share.

They’d rather be nestled all snug in their beds,
with visions of caf cookies dancing in their heads.

Meanwhile, Tot in her ‘kerchief, and Toby in his cap,
had already settled down for a long winter’s nap.

Students counted down to another semester done.
It had been hard and stressful, but also lots of fun.

And what to their wandering minds should appear,
But thoughts of a University that they held so dear.

They’d made time for their friends, amid all their studies.
They had memories and photos galore with their buddies.

From climbing the tower with hundreds of stairs,
To standing in bleachers to cheer on the Bears.

They’d explored downtown Macon and all Mercer’s history.
This place had become home, and that was no mystery.

Afternoons on the quad were always exciting,
Especially when graced with a cheerful Cricket sighting.

With a campus of beauty, built for discovery and learning,
They thought of the places that fostered intellectual yearning.

Now Willet, now Hardman.
Now Godsey and Knight.
On Tarver and Stetson,
On Willingham so bright.
To the top of the admin!
To the top of the halls!
Study hard! Study hard!
Study hard, all!

And with a calmness that wasn’t there a few days prior,
the students felt their spirits lift a bit higher.

They capped their pens and closed their books.
In the morning, they’d give their notes one last look.

And with the spirit of Jesse as their guide,
They imagined the words the founder would provide.

“Good luck, my Bears; sweet dreams and good night.
Happy finals to you; and may your answers be right.”


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Bekah Howard
Bekah Howard is the video producer for Mercer. She shoots, produces and edits videos that tell the University's story. In addition, she produces videos for archival purposes, social media and special University events such as Homecoming, commencement and President’s Club.