Two Pharmacy Researchers in the Top 2% of Cited Scientists

Ajay Banga and Rita Nahta

Two Mercer pharmaceutical science researchers, Dr. Ajay Banga and Dr. Rita Nahta, are in the top 2% of the most-cited scientists across all scientific fields, according to a study by Stanford University.

Stanford University researchers recently compiled a massive database of more than 100,000 of the world’s most citated scientists, assigning each author a composite score based on various citation metrics such the “h-index” and co-authorship across the span of their scientific careers. The resulting list was published in the Public Library of Science Biology at

Dr. Banga is chair of the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences and co-director of the Center for Drug Delivery Research. His research interests include traditional and non-traditional approaches for topical and transdermal delivery of pharmaceuticals and cosmeceuticals, especially for water soluble small conventional molecules and macromolecules. His laboratory has received more than 80 funded projects from industry in skin delivery systems.

Dr. Nahta is assistant professor of pharmaceutical sciences and investigates the molecular mechanisms underlying cancer progression and the response to targeted cancer therapies, with the long-term objective is to identify new pharmacological targets and drug combinations for advanced and drug-refractory cancers. Her current studies include identifying mechanisms of resistance to kinase inhibitors, signaling networks driving cancer cell invasion and the mechanistic basis for combining targeted cancer therapies.