Welcome Class of 2020


On August 14, we welcomed 122 members into the Mercer Law Class of 2020. The entering class consists of 54% women, 26% students of color, and 10 legacies. They came from 54 undergraduate institutions, represent 36 undergraduate majors and from 13 different states. The class includes 8 teachers, three paralegals, two deputy sheriffs, several writers for college newspapers, interns for the PD’s office and DA’s office, legislative interns, legal interns, three Eagle Scouts and a stand-up comedian.  Additionally, members of the class have served in several branches from the military such as the Navy, Marines and Army.

Our new students range in age from 20 to 38 with an average age of 24. Many of the students have volunteered with different philanthropic and non-profit organizations such as the American Red Cross, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and the American Cancer Society. They have held leadership roles in their undergrad institutions including being presidents of fraternities and sororities, involvement with student government associations, editors of student newspapers, members of the marching band, and members of mock trial and pre-law societies.