Young Alumni Council Launched


Mercer Law School is pleased to announce the creation of the Young Alumni Council as of June 20, 2016. The YAC is led by 2005 graduate Justin B. Connell, who wanted to create a way for young alumni members to help each other and the Law School. The Council is made up of up to 30 members with two representatives from each class graduating in the last 15 years. 

The YAC aims to foster a continued relationship between the Law School and its graduates. It is a volunteer organization designed to engage recent graduates to participate in alumni activities and programs; to serve the Law School and its current students through recruitment and mentorship programs; and to support the Alumni Association Board of Directors.

The newly elected officers include Justin B. Connell, '05, Chairman; Stephen Swinson, '15, Vice Chairman, Lauren Thomas, '04, Secretary; and David Cook, '05, Treasurer. 

The Council will be made up of the Executive Committee, Nominating Committee, Development Committee, Events & Programs Committee, and Service Committee. Each council member will be assigned to at least one committee and serve for at least one year.


Young Alumni Class Representatives

2003 – Laquetta S. Pearson, Atlanta & Jason E. Downey, Macon

2004 – Lauren E. Thomas, Savannah & Lauren C. Shurling, Eastman

2005 – Justin B. Connell, Atlanta; David R. Cook, Atlanta; & M. Anne Kaufold-Wiggins, Atlanta

2006 – Vernon M. Strickland, Atlanta; (2nd Representative Open)

2007 – Ivy N. Cadle, Macon & Kathryn E. Ray, Atlanta

2008 – Laura A. Denton, Atlanta & Darryl Lunon, Washington, DC

2009 – D. McNeill Kinnebrew, Atlanta; (2nd Representative Open)

2010 – Falen O. Cox, Savannah; Amanda N. Heath, Augusta; & Bethany Whetzel, Atlanta

2011 – Corrie E. Hall, Macon & L. Rachel Wilson, Savannah

2012 – Campbell W. Kirbo, Albany & W. Justin Purvis, Valdosta

2013 – John W. Harris, Atlanta; (2nd Representative Open)

2014 – D. Jordan Quinley Johnson, Atlanta & Tyler D. Mashburn, Monroe

2015 – Elizabeth E. Lambert, Roswell & Stephen G. Swinson, Macon

2016 – Kyle C. Owenby & Jessica P. Canedo

For more information, please send emails to