Two New Majors Launch


Students began taking classes in two new majors in the College of Liberal Arts this fall, the law and public policy major in the Political Science Department and the graphic design major in the Art Department.

The law and public policy major aims to recruit globally minded and immersed in the idea of evoking change. Students who are interested in non-profit organizations, public service and global issues, and the new major seeks to meet their needs by combining the study of law and public policy while integrating an emphasis on ethics.

“Many students are concerned about important challenges that face our society in the future such as climate change, availability of health care, budget deficits or the prevalence of terrorism,” said Dr. Lori Johnson, the program’s director and an associate professor of political science. ”When courts, executives, government agencies or legislatures are involved in trying to address such social problems, we call what they do ‘public policy.’ We want our students thinking and engaging the world while getting out there and solving real issues that exist in their generation.”

Across the Quad in Hardman Hall, graphic design offers a similar twist on a traditional major. It will draw upon existing art courses and include several new offerings, with one of its distinguishing features being required coursework in the Eugene W. Stetson School of Business and Economics.

“We wanted to distinguish our program from ones you might find at an ‘art school’ by both its liberal arts foundations and its strong connections to business,” said Gary Blackburn, chair of the Art Department. “We want to prepare our students to lead as creatively as they draw.”