Finals and winter break are approaching, and with them comes chillier weather. To make sure you stay warm during all those study hours, check out five of the best places to study indoors on Mercer University‘s Macon campus.

1. Tarver Library

A student sits in a booth looking at a laptop
Cheyenne Kamau, a junior majoring in international affairs, studies on the second floor of the Tarver Library. She says she likes the atmosphere of the second floor because it helps her focus. Photo by Jaycie Calvert

It’s a Mercer staple, but as the old saying goes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Tarver’s three levels can suit any study environment — from the busy, activity-filled bottom floor to the open, airy second floor to the quiet, must-get-this-assignment-done-so-no-one-talk-to-me third floor. The large windows provide nice, natural light and a much warmer view of the surrounding campus on days when it’s too cold to study outside.

2. University Center

a student sitting on a couch looks at her laptop
Lydia Johnson, a junior majoring in elementary education, studies in the University Center. She says she likes this spot because she’s able to see friends that pass by, and it is a good location for an impromptu study group. Photo by Jaycie Calvert

Down by the windows overlooking the pool in the University Center, the couches and tables are another great place for students to study. Not only are they close to the gym and dining options for study breaks, but they’re also in a central location on campus.

3. Z Beans

students sit at tables drinking coffee and looking at laptops
Students study individually and in groups at Z Beans, a popular study location on the Macon campus. Photo by Jaycie Calvert

Located in Mercer Village, Z Beans’ busy environment provides the perfect change of pace for studying or putting the finishing touches on your final paper. Plus, studying is arguably better with a coffee or cinnamon roll in hand.

4. Center for Collaborative Journalism

A student sitting in a cubicle writes on paper while working on an iMac computer
Jaidyn Bridgeforth, a sophomore majoring in journalism, works in between classes on an iMac in the CCJ’s student lounge. Photo by Jaycie Calvert

For journalism, media studies and film students, look no further than the new student lounge in the CCJ. Offering desk space and Apple computers with the complete Adobe Creative Suite, this location is perfect for finishing edits on videos, audio or photography assignments, or getting work done in a quiet, newsroom-style space.

5. Godsey Science Center

A student sits in a chair looking at the laptop. in the background is a lit and decorated Christmas tree
A student studies on the first floor of the Godsey Science Center, where large open windows provide views of campus and natural light. In the corner, a Christmas tree is lit to get students and staff in the holiday mood. Photo by Jaycie Calvert

As one of the newest buildings on campus, the Godsey Science Center is a perfect study location for STEM majors. Offering wide, expansive hallways and huge windows, this location offers a great view of campus with good lighting.


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