Great Expectations


 By Will Burke
Going into my first year at McAfee, I had a lot of expectations. I figured it would be different from my undergrad work at FSU. I expected it to be an academic and spiritual place that would help me grow as a young minister. I expected to have late nights reading, studying and making last minute paper revisions. I expected to make friends with my fellow classmates that were going through similar experiences as me.
All of these expectations came true; however, McAfee also surprised me. The main thing that surprised me was the faculty.
Coming from a large school, I rarely spent time with my professors outside of the classroom. If I did, it was to meet about academic advising or a paper topic. I had never experienced professors that were so accessible and willing to spend time with students outside of the classroom.
I did not expect to ride the Marta to Turner Field for Chipper Jones Appreciation Night with two of my professors. I did not expect to have conversations with Dr. Walker about our beloved FSU Seminoles and different workout tips (He's a workout warrior!). I did not expect to eat food court Chinese with Dr. Massey, Dr. and Dr. Garber, and several other students after chapel. I did not expect to stay up late with Dr. Gushee and other fellow students at his house watching the presidential election results. I did not expect for my student worker supervisor, Dr. Grizzle, to take me out to lunch on my first day on the job.
I knew vaguely what to expect, but I had no way to foresee all the surprises McAfee has had to offer throughout my first year.
Kudos to you, McAfee. You have set the bar high for my next two years.

Will Burke is a first-year seminary student at McAfee School of Theology.