McEachern Art Center presents “Cozy” by Emily Furr

Woman wearing party hat sits on a stool with sculptures of a peach, bird, and birdcage behind her.
Cozy by Emily Furr. Photo by Brian D. Smith.

MACON – McEachern Art Center (the MAC) will open a new gallery by Charleston-based artist Emily Furr called “COZY.” The show will open on Feb. 2 with a reception during downtown Macon’s First Friday and run until March 30.

“COZY” asks audiences to step inside the world of whimsical artist Emily Furr, where guests to the gallery will be immersed in her one-of-a-kind produce stand installation, walk inside her gingham-inspired print shop and view her painted, silhouetted wall pieces around the gallery. Furr will attend the opening reception and join the celebration while wearing her handmade party hats embellished with lace and bright pompoms.

Furr’s work centers around feelings of sentimentality, the lines between safety and anxiety, and embracing a sense of play. Her oil paintings demonstrate a unique, sculptural approach to the medium, utilizing shaped substrates that are layered and combined to methodically express her own narratives.

MAC director Johnny Cohen mentions the multimedia immersive environment, like Furr’s large-scale peaches, as a reason audiences should attend. “She blends both her skills in painting and sculpture to create pieces that are immersive, clean, and truly eye catching.”

 Cohen adds, “The show will transport visitors into a ‘cozy’ world!”

The MAC is located at 332 2nd Street, Macon. Admission is free and open to the public during gallery hours, 4-8 p.m. Thursday-Saturday. Media and educators may access the gallery outside of normal hours by appointment. To contact the MAC, visit or find them on Facebook or Instagram.