McEachern Art Center presents Winter Artist Market and Holiday Window Display


MACON – McEachern Art Center (the MAC) will get into the holiday spirit with two special December programs at the art gallery, the Winter Artist Market and a Holiday Window Display. The displays will be available beginning Dec. 1, and the Artist Market will take place Dec. 9 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., the same day as Christmas in Downtown.

This will be the first-ever open community artist market held at the MAC, opening the gallery to vendors in Macon and surrounding local cities to both fine artists and crafters looking to sell their goods for the holiday season. 

The MAC gives 100% of all sales to the artist and takes no commission.

“We are excited to create an opportunity for all creatives to share their passion for art-making and to be able to call the MAC their home,” said MAC Director Johnny Cohen.

The window display concept comes from Cohen’s expertise as a window designer and sculptor for retail concepts in Atlanta before taking this position. Passersby on 2nd Street will be able to see the bright, holiday-themed artwork as they walk around downtown Macon during the Christmas Lights Extravaganza.

“The window display was created as a way to present a strong curb appeal and have people stop and see the importance of art, not just from the inside but from the outside,” explained Cohen.

In the spring, the MAC will present an exhibition called “Cozy” by South Carolina-based artist Emily Furr. The show will run Feb. 2-March 30.

While the interior of the gallery will be closed until Dec. 14, other than for the artist market on Dec. 9, the window display will be open to the public at any time during the month. The MAC is located at 332 2nd Street, Macon. Admission is always free and open to the public. Media and educators may access the gallery outside of normal hours by appointment. Find out more at