New app to help students, faculty, staff self-screen for COVID-19 symptoms

woman looks at phone displaying campus clear app
If a user registers no symptoms on the #CampusClear app, a “FastPass” is displayed on the screen, indicating that they are symptom-free and clear to attend class or work.

Mercer University has partnered with #CampusClear and to roll out a free smartphone application that allows users to conduct daily COVID-19 symptom checks. The app is available for use on iOS and Android devices.

Daily self-monitoring for COVID-19 symptoms is part of the University’s multifaceted plan to stem the spread of the virus as students, faculty and staff return to campus for the fall semester. The plan also includes access to an on-campus COVID-19 testing laboratory in Macon and public health measures such as requiring face masks, social distancing and increased sanitization.

The #CampusClear mobile app will help students, faculty and staff self-monitor for COVID-19 symptoms.

Self-screening with the app is easy, intuitive, and actionable. It takes less than 10 seconds to self-screen and end-user privacy is protected via encryption and two-factor authentication.

Faculty members and supervisors may require students and employees to show that they have completed the self-screening through the #CampusClear app before being admitted to class or the workplace. If a user registers no symptoms, a “FastPass” is displayed on the screen, indicating that they are symptom-free and clear to attend class or work. If a predetermined set of symptoms are checked by the user, the app will return a screen instructing them to stay at home and immediately contact the Student Health Center hotline — (478) 301-7425 — to be assessed., which developed the #CampusClear app in conjunction with Creighton University and Stony Brook University, is dedicated to protecting users’ anonymity and privacy. Only authorized administrators with the University and Mercer Medicine have access to users’ protected data and information. By accessing or using the #CampusClear app, users will be consenting to the collection, use and disclosure of personal information as detailed more fully in the CampusClear™ Mobile App Privacy Policy. Mercer encourages users to review the University’s privacy policies and the CampusClear™ Mobile App Privacy Policy to determine how personal information may be collected, used, maintained, protected and disclosed.   

The free app may be downloaded from Apple and Google.


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