MACON – Mercer University’s McEachern Art Center (the MAC) opens the gallery for To Beginnings: Mercer University’s Fine Arts and Design Graduation Exhibition as the final show that Class of 2021 seniors will present on campus from April 16-May 7.

To Beginnings toasts the graduating seniors who have worked in the Art Department for the past few years with works that take a variety of forms from painting to photography to graphic design and more – but more importantly, they symbolize a body of particular work from an emerging artist as they specialize their craft. 

The exhibition is available for three weeks to coincide with the end of the spring semester – and the bright opening of a new chapter.

“It is undoubtedly the most ambitious graduation exhibition to date in the department,” offered Ben Dunn, director of the MAC, “but the breadth doesn’t diminish the depth of this research.” 

The work on display shows growth from the students as emerging artists and how their time at Mercer has impacted their work.

Student Ashley Conlon pointed out, “Before college, I thought that a good painting was one that most accurately depicted its subject. Now I know that realism is not the only goal or purpose for painting.” 

The MAC is located at 332 2nd Street in Macon. Admission is free and open to the public during gallery hours, 4-8 p.m. on Thursdays-Saturdays. Social distancing policies are in effect, and face coverings are required while in the venue. 

To Beginnings will run until May 7, with a closing celebration on the final day planned in conjunction with NewTown Macon’s First Friday. Media and educators may access the gallery outside of normal hours by appointment.