Mercer Medical Students Anxiously Await Match Day

Jesse Mercer statue

Mercer University’s 85 senior medical students, and medical students across the nation, will take part in the annual Match Day on Friday at noon as they receive their residency programs that they will enter following graduation. This Match Day will also be a first for the Savannah campus, where members of its first graduating class will learn of their placements.

Thirty-eight students from Savannah will gather with family, friends and faculty in the Mercer Auditorium of the Hoskins Center for Biomedical Research at Memorial University Health Center. Meanwhile, in Macon, 47 senior medical students will learn their residency matches at a ceremony at The Grand Opera House.

Until the nationwide event of Match Day, senior medical students are unsure of where they will spend the next few years as residents. At noon on Friday, medical students across the country will receive their residency matches.

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