Biblical -a poem-


By Hillary Kimsey
Biblical, he says, but I wonder:
what does he mean?

Many things are written in the Scriptures.
Creation stories, tales of destruction,
instructions to throw stones, appeals to love above all else…

Like a dreaming child collecting wildflowers in a sprawling field,
we pick through the holy pages
to find what is sacred and beautiful.
We pluck streams of words like stems and blooms
to tuck behind our ears.

(Though, it is worth reminding…
once separated from the ground–
since sentences are soil–
the blossom will soon die.)

Perhaps he would have admired
a different flower than the one
I found. Yet still we hold hands,
dancing in tall grass.

What fragrance, what sort of beliefs
do you want to close your eyes and
inhale until the scent covers the world?

Hillary Beasley is a First-year MDiv student at McAfee in the Non-profit track. She hails from South Carolina ~Go Gamecocks!~ and loves wearing Chacos while watching Modern Family.