Women in Leadership Series kicks off with webinar about negotiation

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Women often face unique challenges when it comes to negotiating.  

“They tend to be sometimes fearful of asking for more (of what they need) at work or even asking for what’s fair,” said Dr. Elizabeth Chapman, associate professor of management at Mercer University’s Stetson-Hatcher School of Business

“When it comes to negotiating on their own behalf, women will avoid doing so or fear that there’s a backlash, which is something that’s very real.” 

Dr. Elizabeth Chapman

Dr. Chapman will discuss these challenges and how to overcome them in a webinar, “The Importance of Negotiating,” at 11:30 a.m. Aug. 20. During the one-hour session, she will also teach women how to negotiate effectively. Registration is required. 

The webinar is part of a new Women in Leadership Series hosted by the School of Business and College of Professional Advancement to help develop female leaders, innovators and problem-solvers. “The Importance of Negotiating” is the first of four webinars, which will be followed by in-person workshops in October.  

When it comes to negotiating, many people think in terms of compensation. But we all negotiate every day. During the pandemic, we may be negotiating work schedules with our employers or negotiating with friends and family to help provide childcare, Dr. Chapman said. 

“Anytime you need someone else to accomplish your goal, you’re negotiating,” she said. 

During the webinar, Dr. Chapman also will share general methods of negotiation, such as concession making, first offers and persuasion techniques, as well as make women aware of additional negotiation training that the School of Business offers. 

Even if you are a good negotiator, you can likely be even more effective with training and feedback. 

“People will tend to overestimate their negotiation abilities because they’re a great speaker or they get along well with people, but that’s not necessarily a good litmus test of if we’re great negotiators,” Dr. Chapman said. 

During the October workshop in Atlanta, participants will get hands-on training and feedback on their negotiation skills, she said. 

“The great thing about the workshop is it’s not intimidating. It’s a lot of fun, so people are learning while they’re having fun, and they’re getting feedback in a very non-intimidating, non-critical but constructive way,” she said. 

Upcoming webinars include: “Mindful Decision-Making for Effective Leadership” (Aug. 27), “Leading Virtual Teams” (Sept. 10) and “Is Your Quarantine Business Idea Worth Pursing?” (Sept. 17).  

For more details about the webinars and workshops and how to register, visit the Women in Leadership Series website


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