8 podcasts produced by Mercerians to add to your queue


Shake up your listening habits in the new year by subscribing to a podcast by a Mercerian. Mercer University faculty, staff and students have produced and hosted podcasts on a myriad of topics including music, religion, politics and business. We’ve included some below, and we invite you to pick one (or more!) to check out. It might become your new favorite.

‘Down Every Road’

Fans of classic country music can immerse themselves in the genre with Shawna Dooley, host of “Down Every Road.” Over the four years she hosted the show on 100.9 The Creek, Dooley, associate vice president for advancement at Mercer, played over 1,178 songs — with only eight true repeats in 83 episodes. Most of the music on the show is from the second half of the 20th century — from the late ’40s through the early ’80s — and Dooley strives to provide listeners with historical and cultural context to the music. Listen to the full archive on The Creek’s website or by using the Mixcloud mobile app and searching for “Down Every Road.”

‘Health Beats’

With the tagline “a podcast by undergrads for undergrads,” “Health Beats” explores health-related topics that affect young people during this unique time in their lives. Students in Dr. Gabrielle Darville-Sanders’ health programming class in the Department of Public Health created the podcast, which addresses topics such as healthy relationships, coping through college, the importance of sleep, healthy eating and mental health. Episodes cover a range of styles — from an interview with an expert to reflections on personal experiences to more conversational pieces. Listen on SoundCloud.

‘The Kingdom Ethics Podcast’

Dive deep into discussions of ethics, leadership and world issues from a Christian perspective with Mercer professor the Rev. Dr. David Gushee and Mercer alumnus the Rev. Jeremy Hall. In “The Kingdom Ethics Podcast,” the co-hosts discuss timely topics and share perspectives distinctly informed by the teachings found in the Sermon on the Mount. Recent episodes include discussions of COVID-19, the United States’ withdrawal from Afghanistan and truth-telling. Produced in an accessible format, you don’t have to be a theologian to listen. Find the podcast on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

‘Mercer Mondays’

Listen to powerful conversations surrounding diversity, equity and inclusion in the “Mercer Mondays” podcast produced by the Office of Diversity and Inclusion‘s ambassadors. Episodes, which drop every Monday, feature Mercer professors who share their professional expertise and personal experiences as well as students who contribute their own stories and perspectives. Past topics have included minority mental health, LGBTQ+ History Month, allyship, and women’s and disability-related issues. Listen to “Mercer Mondays” on Spotify.

‘Pensive Politics’

Christian Watson

For a different take on political issues, check out “Pensive Politics,” a podcast by Christian Watson, a December graduate who has found a niche as a political commentator. The podcast addresses subjects such as free speech, LGBTQ issues and criminal justice, and has included interviews of notable individuals, such as Nobel Peace Prize nominee Joshua Wong and Libertarian presidential candidate Adam Kokesh. Watson recently appeared as a guest commentator on Fox News. Find “Pensive Politics” on Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts.

‘The Press Room’

Hear from thought leaders and business changemakers on “The Press Room,” a podcast from Deloitte Insights. Tanya Ott, assistant professor of practice and journalist in residence at Mercer’s Center for Collaborative Journalism, has hosted the podcast for almost seven years, interviewing guests about business strategies, emerging technologies, growth, innovation and more. Recent episodes feature conversations about the current war for talent and how blockchain is disrupting the financial services industry. Find “The Press Room” on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher and Audible.

‘Research That Reaches Out Podcast’

Learn about how Mercer faculty and staff are working with students to address real-world problems by integrating research and service in the Research That Reaches Out Podcast. Host Hannah Vann Nabi, associate director of engaged learning, explores some of the University’s most impactful projects, including Go Baby Go, in which Mercer students build and modify cars for children with disabilities, and Touch 3D Yearbooks, made for students at the Georgia Academy for the Blind. It’s a podcast that will make you proud to be a Bear. Listen to the “Research That Reaches Out Podcast” on SoundCloud.

‘Talking Legal Ed’

Three Mercer Law professors host “Talking Legal Ed,” a podcast in which they discuss cutting edge topics in the law and explore how to incorporate them into the classroom. Linda Jellum, Billie Jo Kaufman and Dr. David T. Ritchie each bring their own expertise, from tax law to legal research to international law, to the show, which also includes guests from law schools across the country. Recent episodes include explanations of the Supreme Court’s shadow docket, institutional problems with the court and the nomination process. Tim Spishock, law library assistant, is the associate producer. Find it on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen.


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